The American Lung Association

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

by Mindy Weiss Saffer

I proudly contribute to the American Lung Association, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of lung health issues through a wide variety of advocacy and research efforts.

Recognized for its contribution to ensuring the respiratory wellbeing of all Americans, the American Lung Association champions numerous clean air and anti-smoking initiatives, spearheads the fight against childhood asthma, and provides support for influenza treatment and prevention. Focusing a great deal of its resources on finding cures for chronic lung diseases, the American Lung Association strives to eradicate the many chronic and acute respiratory ailments responsible for taking the lives of millions of Americans each year.

Established in 1904, the American Lung Association played a key role in the development of a cure for tuberculosis, a fatal illness that was largely untreatable in the early 20th century. By 1954, a vaccine for tuberculosis was readily available to all those in need, the disease no longer considered a threat to public health. Moving on to expand its influence, the American Lung Association undertook the task of targeting smoking as a major health risk, leading an anti-smoking campaign that eventually spurred the federal government to ban smoking on airplanes.

Today, the American Lung Association continues to employ its influence, collaborating with health officials and policymakers to develop laws that ban smoking in the workplace, as well as in public venues such as restaurants and bars. Additionally, the American Lung Association utilizes its position to prevent tobacco companies from targeting children through advertising, an issue garnering a large amount of recent attention from the national media. To learn more about the American Lung Association, or to support its commendable work, visit


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