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A principal with the Washington, D.C., commercial real estate leasing firm of West, Lane & Schlager, Mindy W. Saffer is an enthusiastic supporter of Christ House.

While the nation is embroiled in an ongoing debate over health care, Christ House has been addressing the problem for a population usually left out of the national discussion. Since 1985, it has operated as a 24-hour residential medical facility for homeless men and women on the streets of Washington, D.C., one of only 13 or so such facilities throughout the country.

The patients admitted to Christ House are generally referred by other organizations, like shelters and clinics. They suffer from a host of serious illnesses including cancer, HIV/AIDS, stroke, liver disease, and kidney failure, among other disorders. In addition, most have conditions directly attributable to their homelessness, like malnutrition and depression.

When a patient is referred to Christ House, he or she is diagnosed and treated not only for the primary condition for which the referral was made but also for other conditions. In 2011, 272 people were treated by Christ House, of which 81 percent also suffered from HIV, drug or alcohol addiction, or a psychiatric illness. A fourth had all three conditions. The center’s website at http://www.christhouse.org provides a more comprehensive exposition of its history, its work, and its many successes.


Christ House

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A dedicated philanthropist, Mindy W. Saffer, provides regular support for Christ House, a health care facility for homeless individuals throughout Washington, D.C. For more than 25 years, Christ House has helped countless individuals receive the medical attention that they desperately need. One of the first facilities of its kind in the country, Christ House provides the homeless with medical care, 24 hours a day regardless of insurance or ability to pay. Since its inception, the facility has admitted more than 4,000 individuals and serves on average 300 patients each year. After opening a number of health care ministries throughout the Washington, D.C. area, Allen and Janelle Goetcheus paired with a local church pastor to establish a new, larger facility with the help of an anonymous benefactor. This new building, which became known as Christ House, was soon adopted as part of the Health Care for Homeless Project, serving as an around-the-clock respite facility. Dedicated to providing a superior level of service for its patients, Christ House keeps case managers and substance abuse professionals on its staff. Case managers work with individuals to form a long-term treatment plan, based on history and individual means. The case management team offers emotional support and valuable classes, such as HIV/AIDS prevention education. Established by a Certified Addictions Counselor, Christ House’s New Day Treatment Program runs a 12-week, intensive in-house drug and alcohol recovery program. By empowering patients to overcome their substance abuse problems, Christ House offers them hope for the future. Christ House maintains contacts with local, long-term programs for those individuals who need more time for recovery.

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