Location Planning as an Essential Tenant Representation Service

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Currently a managing principal with CresaPartners, LLC, in Washington, D.C., Mindy W. Saffer is a veteran real estate broker focused on tenant representation in complex transactions, leasing management, and capital markets matters. A distinct area in which Mindy Saffer and her team assist clients is in optimizing location planning.

For businesses spanning a variety of commercial, industrial, and retail industries, location planning is of critical value. Of particular importance is a careful evaluation of labor dynamics specific to the potential corporate location. Companies must take time to assess the availability of qualified labor in the region, as well as demand for these employees from competitors. Worker accessibility to the workplace is critical, as are sufficient telecommunications, power, and other basic infrastructure. With the greater Washington, D.C., area offering abundant physical infrastructure, another key consideration is labor recruitment and attrition, and costs associated with retaining highest quality employees. Professionals such as Mindy Weiss Saffer are committed to assisting fully in the screening process and assessing the most promising business locations within specific regions.


Mindy Saffer’s Involvement with the District of Columbia Building Industry Association

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Since 1999, Mindy Saffer has worked as a real estate professional at West, Lane & Schlager. She was promoted to Principal after showcasing her prowess in the industry, and she has also received several awards and accolades for her aptitude. Recently, Ms. Saffer accepted an invitation to speak at the District of Columbia Building Industry Association’s State of the Leasing Market Seminar, along with seven other real estate professionals. This seminar, which was available for members of the organization for an entrance fee of $70 and to non-members for $85, gave participants the opportunity to earn two hours of continuing education credits with approval from the D.C. Real Estate Commission. images (3) With sponsors in the industry like Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, KeyBank, and Boston Properties, Inc., the State of the Leasing Market Seminar was just the first part of the District of Columbia Building Industry Association’s commercial real estate update. This tutorial covered several pertinent issues that affect the state of the Washington, D.C., real estate market. Discussion points of this seminar included predictions over the next one to two years, a review of market statistics for Washington, D.C., and other suburban markets for the previous year, requirements for the upcoming year, and renewals versus relocation. Additional subjects of lectures included which industry groups were picked to grow, when concessions will start to decrease, and the impact that new tax rules will have on occupancy strategies and lease structures. For more information about the endeavors of the District of Columbia Building Industry Association, visit the organization’s official website at www.dcbia.org.

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