Location Planning as an Essential Tenant Representation Service

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Currently a managing principal with CresaPartners, LLC, in Washington, D.C., Mindy W. Saffer is a veteran real estate broker focused on tenant representation in complex transactions, leasing management, and capital markets matters. A distinct area in which Mindy Saffer and her team assist clients is in optimizing location planning.

For businesses spanning a variety of commercial, industrial, and retail industries, location planning is of critical value. Of particular importance is a careful evaluation of labor dynamics specific to the potential corporate location. Companies must take time to assess the availability of qualified labor in the region, as well as demand for these employees from competitors. Worker accessibility to the workplace is critical, as are sufficient telecommunications, power, and other basic infrastructure. With the greater Washington, D.C., area offering abundant physical infrastructure, another key consideration is labor recruitment and attrition, and costs associated with retaining highest quality employees. Professionals such as Mindy Weiss Saffer are committed to assisting fully in the screening process and assessing the most promising business locations within specific regions.


Mindy Saffer’s Involvement with the District of Columbia Building Industry Association

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Since 1999, Mindy Saffer has worked as a real estate professional at West, Lane & Schlager. She was promoted to Principal after showcasing her prowess in the industry, and she has also received several awards and accolades for her aptitude. Recently, Ms. Saffer accepted an invitation to speak at the District of Columbia Building Industry Association’s State of the Leasing Market Seminar, along with seven other real estate professionals. This seminar, which was available for members of the organization for an entrance fee of $70 and to non-members for $85, gave participants the opportunity to earn two hours of continuing education credits with approval from the D.C. Real Estate Commission. images (3) With sponsors in the industry like Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, KeyBank, and Boston Properties, Inc., the State of the Leasing Market Seminar was just the first part of the District of Columbia Building Industry Association’s commercial real estate update. This tutorial covered several pertinent issues that affect the state of the Washington, D.C., real estate market. Discussion points of this seminar included predictions over the next one to two years, a review of market statistics for Washington, D.C., and other suburban markets for the previous year, requirements for the upcoming year, and renewals versus relocation. Additional subjects of lectures included which industry groups were picked to grow, when concessions will start to decrease, and the impact that new tax rules will have on occupancy strategies and lease structures. For more information about the endeavors of the District of Columbia Building Industry Association, visit the organization’s official website at www.dcbia.org.

Mindy Weiss Saffer: Slevin & Hart Expand into new D.C. Headquarters

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A principal at West, Lane & Schlager Realty in Washington, D.C., Mindy W. Saffer played an instrumental role in the negotiation of a new lease for Slevin & Hart.

In 2010, Slevin & Hart, a leading employee benefits law firm, completed renovations on an expanded space for its employees. The new office increases the space of its headquarters in Northwest D.C. by 50 percent. Before the renovations, firm employees had 15,000 square feet of space. With the renovations complete, these individuals now enjoy 22,000 square feet.

The firm has signed a 10-year lease on the space, where it has already conducted business for more than 20 years. Until 2010, Slevin & Hart occupied half of the building’s fourth floor, as well as half of the fifth floor. When the other fourth-floor tenant decided to leave, the firm capitalized on the opportunity to expand operations and ultimately improve the level of service it provides for its clients. The building, located at 1625 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., houses several other leading businesses and organizations, including the Air Line Pilots Association and offices of Johns Hopkins University.

Mindy Saffer and West, Lane & Schlager Realty, Part 1

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Bringing extensive experience in the commercial real estate leasing market to her role as a Principal at West, Lane & Schlager Realty, Mindy Saffer utilizes her skills to represent a wide array of trade organizations and nonprofit groups in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Joining West, Lane & Schlager as an Associate Broker in 1999, Mindy Saffer quickly established herself as a capable and detail-oriented negotiator, closing a notable number of major transactions over the course of the past decade. Since 2005, Mindy Saffer has more than doubled the amount of square footage she leases, dedicating considerable time and energy to finding the ideal space for every client she assists at West, Lane & Schlager.

In addition to her accomplishments at West, Lane & Schlager Realty, Mindy Saffer holds accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) initiative, a qualification she earned in 2008. A member of the Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors’ Multi-Million Dollar Leasing Club since 2005, Mindy Saffer also maintains ties with the District of Columbia Building Industry Association, the American Society of Association Executives, Commercial Real Estate Women, and the Financial & Administrative Roundtable.

With the support of partners such as Mindy Saffer, West, Lane & Schlager Realty continues to expand business activities, bolstering an already prominent presence as leader in the tenant brokerage industry. When Eric West, Rich Lane, and Gary Schlager formed West, Lane & Schlager in 1996, they faced a variety of challenges as an up-and-coming real estate brokerage firm. Committed to establishing a company that would be attractive to talented individuals such as Mindy Saffer, the founders of West, Lane & Schlager crafted a new approach to commercial real estate leasing. In an October 2010 article published in the Washington Business Journal, Eric West explained the foundational intention that inspired the creation of West, Lane & Schlager. According to Mr. West, the firm fully welcomes the impressive growth of the past 15 years. Even so, the team at West, Lane & Schlager understands that quality of service, not size, remains the ultimate indicator of success.

Mindy Weiss Saffer: Christ House

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A principal with the Washington, D.C., commercial real estate leasing firm of West, Lane & Schlager, Mindy W. Saffer is an enthusiastic supporter of Christ House.

While the nation is embroiled in an ongoing debate over health care, Christ House has been addressing the problem for a population usually left out of the national discussion. Since 1985, it has operated as a 24-hour residential medical facility for homeless men and women on the streets of Washington, D.C., one of only 13 or so such facilities throughout the country.

The patients admitted to Christ House are generally referred by other organizations, like shelters and clinics. They suffer from a host of serious illnesses including cancer, HIV/AIDS, stroke, liver disease, and kidney failure, among other disorders. In addition, most have conditions directly attributable to their homelessness, like malnutrition and depression.

When a patient is referred to Christ House, he or she is diagnosed and treated not only for the primary condition for which the referral was made but also for other conditions. In 2011, 272 people were treated by Christ House, of which 81 percent also suffered from HIV, drug or alcohol addiction, or a psychiatric illness. A fourth had all three conditions. The center’s website at http://www.christhouse.org provides a more comprehensive exposition of its history, its work, and its many successes.

Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors

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A principal of West, Lane & Schlager, a commercial real estate firm in Washington, D.C., Mindy Saffer remains active in her professional community through membership in a number of industry organizations, including the Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors (GWCAR). Connecting more than 600 commercial brokers and other real estate professionals throughout the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland, GWCAR is an invaluable resource for continuing education, networking, and specialized information. GWCAR represents the interests of its members in the local community through grassroots efforts and campaigning before the National Association of Realtors, as a part of the Realtors Commercial Alliance. Each year, GWCAR provides an annual report of the economic climate and real estate developments in D.C., which compliments the organization’s other publication, Commercial Broker Quarterly. GWCAR members are encouraged to interact regularly through multiple sponsored events, including an annual Golf Outing, tours of Washington, D.C., dinners, and the Commercial Real Estate Summit. During the summit, members enjoy prominent keynote speakers and panels of experienced industry leaders that share their personal experiences and insight on the market. 

In order to promote excellence among commercial real estate brokers in the region, GWCAR offers a series of annual awards in a variety of different categories. In 2005, GWCAR recognized Mindy Saffer with its Rising Star Award, which honors newcomers who demonstrate an impressive aptitude for real estate. For the past five years, Mindy Saffer has joined the GWCAR Multi-Million Dollar Leasing Club.

The Awards of the Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors

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Mindy Saffer, principal at commercial real estate firm West, Lane & Schlager, was awarded a Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors (GWCAR) Rising Star Award in 2005. Presented to a promising, up-and-coming realtor on an annual basis, the Rising Star Award is one of several honors offered by GWCAR.

Every spring, GWCAR announces the winners of its performance-based awards at the Annual Commercial Awards Dinner, which is attended by real estate professionals across the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. The key categories recognized by GWCAR include the top firms and individuals in sales, leasing, finance, and development, as well as the President Award and the Broker of the Year. These last two awards were first added in 2008.

GWCAR recognizes several “Best in the Industry” firms in a variety of categories. GWCAR lists the best developer, landlord, and contractor of the year. In addition, GWCAR recognizes the best architecture and law firms of the year, the best moving company, the best furniture vendor, and the best overall development project.

In recognition of the accomplishments of individual agents, GWCAR lists the top performers by sector and by region. Sales and leasing agents are divided into Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and regional categories, with 10 individuals honored in each group. Drawing attention to noteworthy transactions, GWCAR also lists the year’s top sales, leasing, and finance transactions in each region.

To find out more about the GWCAR awards, visit www.gwcar.org.

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