Mindy Weiss Saffer: Slevin & Hart Expand into new D.C. Headquarters

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A principal at West, Lane & Schlager Realty in Washington, D.C., Mindy W. Saffer played an instrumental role in the negotiation of a new lease for Slevin & Hart.

In 2010, Slevin & Hart, a leading employee benefits law firm, completed renovations on an expanded space for its employees. The new office increases the space of its headquarters in Northwest D.C. by 50 percent. Before the renovations, firm employees had 15,000 square feet of space. With the renovations complete, these individuals now enjoy 22,000 square feet.

The firm has signed a 10-year lease on the space, where it has already conducted business for more than 20 years. Until 2010, Slevin & Hart occupied half of the building’s fourth floor, as well as half of the fifth floor. When the other fourth-floor tenant decided to leave, the firm capitalized on the opportunity to expand operations and ultimately improve the level of service it provides for its clients. The building, located at 1625 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., houses several other leading businesses and organizations, including the Air Line Pilots Association and offices of Johns Hopkins University.


Mindy Saffer and West, Lane & Schlager Realty, Part 1

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Bringing extensive experience in the commercial real estate leasing market to her role as a Principal at West, Lane & Schlager Realty, Mindy Saffer utilizes her skills to represent a wide array of trade organizations and nonprofit groups in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Joining West, Lane & Schlager as an Associate Broker in 1999, Mindy Saffer quickly established herself as a capable and detail-oriented negotiator, closing a notable number of major transactions over the course of the past decade. Since 2005, Mindy Saffer has more than doubled the amount of square footage she leases, dedicating considerable time and energy to finding the ideal space for every client she assists at West, Lane & Schlager.

In addition to her accomplishments at West, Lane & Schlager Realty, Mindy Saffer holds accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) initiative, a qualification she earned in 2008. A member of the Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors’ Multi-Million Dollar Leasing Club since 2005, Mindy Saffer also maintains ties with the District of Columbia Building Industry Association, the American Society of Association Executives, Commercial Real Estate Women, and the Financial & Administrative Roundtable.

With the support of partners such as Mindy Saffer, West, Lane & Schlager Realty continues to expand business activities, bolstering an already prominent presence as leader in the tenant brokerage industry. When Eric West, Rich Lane, and Gary Schlager formed West, Lane & Schlager in 1996, they faced a variety of challenges as an up-and-coming real estate brokerage firm. Committed to establishing a company that would be attractive to talented individuals such as Mindy Saffer, the founders of West, Lane & Schlager crafted a new approach to commercial real estate leasing. In an October 2010 article published in the Washington Business Journal, Eric West explained the foundational intention that inspired the creation of West, Lane & Schlager. According to Mr. West, the firm fully welcomes the impressive growth of the past 15 years. Even so, the team at West, Lane & Schlager understands that quality of service, not size, remains the ultimate indicator of success.

Mindy W. Saffer and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Part 1

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In March of 2011, Mindy W. Saffer closed a lease transaction on behalf of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a not-for-profit group dedicated to eradicating underage smoking. Established in 1996, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids employs its resources in a variety of targeted advocacy efforts, promoting actionable public policies to decrease tobacco use among children and adolescents, raise awareness about the dangers of secondhand smoke, and improve regulation regarding the sale and marketing of tobacco products. Moreover, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids oversees numerous smoking cessation classes for the public, encouraging old and young alike to join in the movement against the tobacco industry.

Working on both a national and international level, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids collaborates with the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, a program implemented by respected philanthropist and Mayor of New York City Michael R. Bloomberg in 2006. According to statistics released by the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, cigarettes and other forms of tobacco take the lives of more than 14,000 people each day. Singling out tobacco as the leading cause of preventable death in the world, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids estimates the annual death toll from smoking at 400,000 in the United States alone.

Projecting that tobacco will kill 8 million people every year by 2030 in light of current smoking trends, the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use relies on the vital partnership it shares with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids to spread its commendable message.

In 2009, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids celebrated the enactment of new anti-smoking legislation passed by Congress and President Obama. Providing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with license to regulate tobacco companies’ advertising campaigns, the law represents a great victory for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, one of many to come in America and across the globe.

The Awards of the Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors

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Mindy Saffer, principal at commercial real estate firm West, Lane & Schlager, was awarded a Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors (GWCAR) Rising Star Award in 2005. Presented to a promising, up-and-coming realtor on an annual basis, the Rising Star Award is one of several honors offered by GWCAR.

Every spring, GWCAR announces the winners of its performance-based awards at the Annual Commercial Awards Dinner, which is attended by real estate professionals across the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. The key categories recognized by GWCAR include the top firms and individuals in sales, leasing, finance, and development, as well as the President Award and the Broker of the Year. These last two awards were first added in 2008.

GWCAR recognizes several “Best in the Industry” firms in a variety of categories. GWCAR lists the best developer, landlord, and contractor of the year. In addition, GWCAR recognizes the best architecture and law firms of the year, the best moving company, the best furniture vendor, and the best overall development project.

In recognition of the accomplishments of individual agents, GWCAR lists the top performers by sector and by region. Sales and leasing agents are divided into Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and regional categories, with 10 individuals honored in each group. Drawing attention to noteworthy transactions, GWCAR also lists the year’s top sales, leasing, and finance transactions in each region.

To find out more about the GWCAR awards, visit www.gwcar.org.

West, Lane & Schlager Realty: A Tenant-Focused Perspective

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As a real estate company that exclusively represents tenants, West, Lane & Schlager maintains a tenant-focused business model. Principal Mindy Saffer, who has worked at the firm since 1999, chalked up the recent success of tenant-focused brokerage firms to the prior disinclination of some individuals to sign long-term commercial leases in 2008 and 2009, which made them more willing to make a commitment in the next year’s market. West, Lane & Schlager’s revenue grew more than 40 percent from 2009 to 2010, and the figures were directly related to its tenant-based model.

Furthermore, West, Lane & Schlager’s approach to tenant representation focuses on several steps that, when executed together strategically, provide clients with the best real estate solution. These steps were designed to meet tenants’ needs and surpass their expectations. First, the firm utilizes a strategic planning model known as the VISION Process, which provides an objective approach to real estate possibilities like lease renewals, comparisons between leases and purchases, and building acquisitions. The next phase defines which talented real estate broker will handle the tenant’s case with regard to geographic and economic needs. Next, the company participates in a market review and evaluation of all possible building options for the tenant, which takes recent industry trends into consideration. The professionals at West, Lane & Schlager then compare options in a financial analysis, which is developed through innovative financial modeling software technology and presents figures such as monthly and annual expenses, operating expenses, present value, and other categories.

The real estate firm provides a lease and sale comparison report that includes the most accurate market information regarding historical lease and sale transactions. The next step involves a letter of intent, which is drafted to include important conditions and then released to the preferred building’s owner. After the letter of intent is reviewed, the tenant is privy to a legal document review in which brokers survey the language and characteristics of the lease or purchase agreement. Lastly, tenants who give their business to West, Lane & Schlager benefit from the firm’s ability to monitor future costs like unnecessary annual statements that go against the lease.

Overview of the University of Maryland Alumni Association

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by Mindy W. Saffer

I hold a lifetime membership with the University of Maryland Alumni Association. In 1986, I graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Textile Marketing, and since that time I have built an active career in commercial real estate leasing. Despite my busy professional life, I remain committed to my alma mater. The Life Member Program at the University of Maryland Alumni Association earns participants a spot on the Eric S. & Frann G. Francis Lifetime Member Wall, located in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center. A lifetime membership costs $850 for an individual or $950 for a couple, and payments can be made in five yearly installments. Membership dues are tax deductible and go to support the work of the Alumni Center and the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. The University of Maryland Alumni Association maintains a number of annual awards, recognizing the accomplishments of former students. For instance, the Association’s International Alumnus Award recognizes an alumna/us who was born outside of the United States or who lives abroad and has distinguished him or herself for leadership. Other awards offered by the Association include the Humanitarian Award, the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award for individuals under 35, the President’s Distinguished Alumnus Award in recognition of professional excellence, and the Tyser Gottwals Award for service to the University. Members of the University of Maryland Alumni Association also have access to the M Club, the athletic facilities of the University. They participate in numerous clubs and professional development groups, and they belong to clubs representing the University’s various disciplines of study. Additionally, members have access to exotic travel packages at discounted prices. More information can be obtained at alumni.umd.edu.

Christ House

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A dedicated philanthropist, Mindy W. Saffer, provides regular support for Christ House, a health care facility for homeless individuals throughout Washington, D.C. For more than 25 years, Christ House has helped countless individuals receive the medical attention that they desperately need. One of the first facilities of its kind in the country, Christ House provides the homeless with medical care, 24 hours a day regardless of insurance or ability to pay. Since its inception, the facility has admitted more than 4,000 individuals and serves on average 300 patients each year. After opening a number of health care ministries throughout the Washington, D.C. area, Allen and Janelle Goetcheus paired with a local church pastor to establish a new, larger facility with the help of an anonymous benefactor. This new building, which became known as Christ House, was soon adopted as part of the Health Care for Homeless Project, serving as an around-the-clock respite facility. Dedicated to providing a superior level of service for its patients, Christ House keeps case managers and substance abuse professionals on its staff. Case managers work with individuals to form a long-term treatment plan, based on history and individual means. The case management team offers emotional support and valuable classes, such as HIV/AIDS prevention education. Established by a Certified Addictions Counselor, Christ House’s New Day Treatment Program runs a 12-week, intensive in-house drug and alcohol recovery program. By empowering patients to overcome their substance abuse problems, Christ House offers them hope for the future. Christ House maintains contacts with local, long-term programs for those individuals who need more time for recovery.

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